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A brand new concept in menswear. We at C-9 Fashions believe that your clothes should be made to fit you no matter what size you are. Hence C-9 Fashions was founded to provide a revolutionary alternative to the clutter of over-priced yet ill-fitting and low quality menswear available in the market today.We have an eclectic collection to suit every Palate – ranging from innovative and modern designs to elegant, timeless couture - using only the finest fabrics and materials. Backed by 18 years of experience with more than ten million suits under our belt.

C-9 Fashions has carefully studied the market and customer interests and by-passed traditional channels to provide higher-quality, fashionable custom menswear at revolutionary prices. You may order fabric swatches online or if you wish you may also come in to our Experience Stores to try on our garments and get measured by our expert Master Tailors, while learning about the latest trends in menswear. We also offer a Travelling Tailor service for those who would like bespoke service in the comfort of their own office or home. Men’s fashion will never be the same again!

Nowadays major fashion houses around the world are not always at the helm of the latest technology innovations. Not only because they make clothes in just the standard sizes, which often don’t fit the majority of the world’s population, but also since they force us to rush back and forth to the dressing room, with a pile of different sizes until we find a decent fit.

At C-9 Fashions we deliver sartorial fashion, tailored for you. Nothing else. Sartorial fashion garments never go out of fashion and are certainly not throwaways. It is something that you can wear from a young age until your grandchildren are the same age as when you started wearing sartorial fashion. For this reason, sartorial fashion is also sustainable fashion.

You probably assume that you will be paying a fortune for these tailored items, with the perfect fit guarantee and avoidance of the well-established brands’ standard sizes. That’s not the case. At C-9 Fashions, you will find affordable garments.

In order for you to feel well dressed, we first work on helping you find that perfect fit. That is what determines how often, if ever, you actually wear the garment. It is something you simply can’t get in standard sizes, regardless of the items price. At C-9 Fashions, we let you be the designer. Whether it is a simple outfit, going out staple, or a sartorial fashion statement, we have it sorted. You will not only be well-dressed, but acquire items which will never go out of fashion and are certainly not a throwaway, which we see far too often among the major clothing chains and well-established brands.

We offer choice like no other brand and give you control over the entire look of the garment, starting with the fit and finishing with the smallest of details. How about a light-brown button on your blue slim fit shirt, with an extreme cut-away collar? Our tailors will see to it! Whether you are after a classic, modern, slim or relaxed look, we have something to suit you. We do it so that you use your item to the greatest extent possible, and thus impact the environment as little as possible. The various options mean that the item will look just as you would like it to, while the craftsmen ensure it is cut correctly and tailored to your body. We believe this creates that feeling of confidence so difficult to achieve in a mass-produced item.

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